Eco-friendly Festival ❤

This Summer Solstice 2020 we celebrate the SUNSUNLOVE YOGA SOLSTICE FEST in Masgras, Callús (Barcelona)

Sun Sun Love Yoga Solstice Fest is a celebration of life following the cycles of the Sun

In SUNSUNLOVE we follow the cycles of the Sun and Nature celebrating the solstices and the equinoxes... It is a space where we are able to connect to our true essence in harmony with nature, and celebrate life & sharing in union and joy








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Kundalini yoga is the main practice in the SUNSUNLOVE festivals. Practicing kundalini yoga in depth raises the power to connect with nature and our true essence and to celebrate life by sharing in union and harmony.

Also you can practice other types of yoga to nourish your body, mind and spirit; Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Acroyoga, Yinyoga and others. As well as the multitude of incredible workshops where you can discover new tools or develop those which you already know.

Pero podrás practicar otros tipos de yogas para nutrir tu cuerpo, tu mente y tu espíritu; hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, acroyoga, yinyoga y otros. Así como multitud de talleres increíbles donde podrás descubrir nuevas herramientas de desarrollo o disfrutar de las que ya conoces.


Meditation is an important tool in our common and individual path and that is why it is present in Sunsunlove festivals. SUNGAZING, meditating with the SUN at dawn and dusk, is a beautiful and powerful practice that is performed every day in all of our festivals. Many other types of meditations will be practised in the yoga classes and workshops.

Through the body and the voice we can connect with our true essence.

The devotion and the repetition of mantras, Bhakti, can take you to silence, peace and ecstasy quickly. We sing in our festivals in the many scheduled Kirtans to dissolve ourselves, until we disappear!


SUNSUNLOVE is a space of healing, or better a space to remember the wonderful thing is each one of us and how wonderful life is; “ANOTHER WONDERFUL DAY” is one of our cries of connection.

Every day is an opportunity to remember our true essence and a chance to share in union and joy.

To celebrate life! SUNSUNLOVE festivals are spaces where we remember the joy of sharing with family in wonderful places.



At Sunsunlove we like to share; sharing makes our personal journeys more enjoyable and rich. In Sunsunlove festivals we share the joy of living and celebrating life in every moment.

Come share with the Sunsunlove family!



Después de un largo día alimentando nuestra alma, requerimos comida sana y deliciosa para nuestro cuerpo. En SUNSUNLOVE ofrecemos rica comida vegana orgánica.



Cada festival Sunsunlove tiene lugar en lugares rodeados de naturaleza, ya sea en Cataluña, México o India.