Sun Sun Love leads a project that aims to revolutionize the city of Barcelona, bringing organic gardens to all those who want to fill the city with edible greenery.

The project involves 120 Eco Gardens Multi-spaces on terraces and balconies per year, aiming to improve the oxygen of the city, counteract pollution, increase biodiversity, grow ecological food, work towards greater health for the whole population, and foster contact with the land and our connection with food.

Do you want to join? You can help to transform your city into the paradise it can be.

If you live in Barcelona you can be part of the 120 allotments per year by sending an email to info@ecohuertomultiespacio.com.  If you live outside of Barcelona you can be inspired by the work of the Sun Sun Love team at this web:  www.ecohuertomultiespacio.com where you will find information that you can use to reproduce the best possible vegetable garden in your house. The revolution begins with our knives and forks! Be the change in the world you want to see.