Tantra with the Sun

Benefits of Sungazing

Physical: the cells of the body regulate and enhance their energetic field, increasing the capacity of the immune system. The pituitary gland and the pineal gland, both very sensitive to light, are stimulated, producing a chain reaction for the rest of the body.

Mental and emotional: the increase in energy in the body directly affects both our mental activity and emotions, calming the mental noise and giving greater balance and well-being.

Spiritual: this part each person has to discover themselves.

How to do Tantra with the Sun?

Tantra speaks of union, of recognizing ourselves in the other as one, and of the dance of energy raising our vibration. Just as you can look into the eyes of a person for several minutes, in the same way you can do so with the sun. The bridge of that recognition is in the love that is generated by knowing that we are made of the same substance as the sun: Light.

Days of meditation:

From October to April we meet once a month at the beach of the Hotel W in Barcelona and from May to October we meet every day at the beach of the Hotel W in Barcelona to receive the first rays of the sun.